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Similar to the situation with namespaces, ECMAScript versions 3 and prior (JavaScript 1.x for instance) doesn't provide formal support for classes. Regular functions carry the whole burden.

ECMADoc will consider as class any function that has any prototype or static members (for more information about visibility see the visibility page. To make ECMADoc unconditionally consider a function as a class, a @class token can be used.

 * Represents the event that was fired.
 * @class
 * @param {Object} eventSource The element that is the source of the event.
 * @param {String} eventType The type/name of the event.
 * @param {Object} eventData Additional data to pass within the event's .data property.
Aeon.Event = function Event(eventSource, eventType, eventData)
	this.source = eventSource;
	this.type = eventType;
	this.name = eventType;
	this.data = new Object;
	this.cancel = false;

for (var prop in eventData) this.data[prop] = eventData[prop]; }

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