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Path resolving

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All relative paths (file paths, folder paths, output path) specified in the project are always calculated from the location of the project file. Consider a project file apidocs.xml, saved in the folder d:\projects\mf2x:


Contains these file and folder entries:


Before being processed, these paths will be converted to absolute from the current location of the project file:


This enables the project files to be portable, and therefore usable by many developers working from different locations. In particular, this approach makes it easy to integrate the documentation generation into an automated build process, where the latest sources and the latest the ECMADoc project can be checked out from the source control and the documentation generated without requiring any prior modifications.

$Resource path

ECMADoc provides a number of base files that can be included in the documentation. These files are delivered together with other ECMADoc resources in the Resources folder. Because the location of this folder cannot reliably be referred to with a relative path, the $Resource prefix string will be converted by ECMADoc to the current, absolute path to this location.

If ECMADoc is installed in:

c:\Program Files (x86)\ECMADoc

Then the resources, and the base files will be installed in:

c:\Program Files (x86)\ECMADoc\Resources
c:\Program Files (x86)\ECMADoc\Resources\Base\JavaScript.js

The base file JavaScript.js should be referred to as


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