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In ECMAScript implementations 3 and prior (JavaScript 1.x for instance), the language doesn't provide formal support for implementing and working with custom events. Because of this, many developers and JavaScript frameworks implement custom ways of working with events. ECMADoc provides the @event token as an easy way to document events that a type raises.

 * Provides support for working with drag events.
 * @event dragstart Fires right before the dragging operation starts.
 * @event dragstop Fires immediately after a dragging operation ends.
 * @event dragmove Fires immediately before a dragged element is moved to a new location.
 * Event data will contain the <c>x</c> and <c>y</c> coordinates to which the target is 
 * to be moved. By changing these values event listeners can change the location to which 
 * the target will actually be moved. This makes it possible for listeners to control the 
 * minimum/maximum coordinates to which an item can moved.
 * <p>For example: <code>
 * $drag.addListener("ondragmove", function Drag$ondragmove(event)
 * {
 *     if ( < minX) = minX;
 * }
 * </code></p>
Aeon.Utils.DragCoordinator = new function Aeon$DragCoordinator()