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@event token

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Documents an event that an object raises.


 * Provides support for working with drag events.
 * @event dragstart Fires right before the dragging operation starts.
 * @event dragstop Fires immediately after a dragging operation ends.
 * @event beforedragmove Fires continuously before a dragged element is moved .
 * @event dragmove Fires continuously after a dragged element is moved.
Aeon.Utils.DragCoordinator = new function Aeon$DragCoordinator()


Many JavaScript frameworks provide custom event firing mechanisms. This token enables documenting the events an object fires. How the event system is implemented is completely up to the framework implementing it.

This token consists of three parts:

@event name summary

  1. The name of the event. Required.
       (Alphanumeric characters only)
  2. The argument summary. Optional.
       (Any characters until the end of the line)
  3. The argument description. Optional.
       (Any characters from the start of the second line until the next token or until the end of the comment).

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