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@namespace token

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Registers a namespace with the parser.


 * @document
 * @namespace adventureworks Main AdventureWorks namespace.
 * @namespace adventureworks.utils Contains the AdventureWorks' utility classes.
 * This part is the extended description of the adventureworks.utils namespace.


Because ECMAScript 3 and lower doesn't provide built-in support for specifying namespaces through the package keyword and related constructs, this token can be used to define namespaces as used in code. It instructs ECMADoc to register the specified name as a namespace in the current project. It can only appear within @document comments.

This token consists of three parts:

@namespace name summary

  1. The name of the namespace. Required.
       (Alphanumeric characters including '.' and '$' until the first space).
  2. The summary of the namespace. Optional.
       (Any characters until the end of the line).
  3. The description of the namespace. Optional.
       (Any characters from the start of the second line until the next token or until the end of the comment).

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