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@returns token

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Documents a function's return value.


 * Gets the clip rectangle of the specified element.
 * @param {HTMLElement} element The element whose clip rectangle to get.
 * @returns {ClipRect} The clip rectangle of this animation's element.
Aeon.AnimationPackage.Clip.prototype.getClip = function Clip$getClip(element)


This token documents a function's return value. It consists of three parts:

@returns {type} summary

  1. The type of the return value (surrounded with curly braces). Required.
       (Alphanumeric characters including '.' and '$' until a space character)
  2. The summary of the return value. Optional.
       (Any characters until the end of the line)
  3. The description of the return value. Optional.
       (Any characters from the start of the second line until the next token or until the end of the comment).

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