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Type resolving

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On any place a type is used, ECMADoc will attempt to resolve it, and if successful the type name will in the generated HTML documentation become a link to that type.

Examples of valid type expressions:

  • Object
  • Object.toString
  • Aeon.Controls.Slider
  • Aeon.Controls.Slider.getValue

Resolving of types is context aware, that is, when ECMADoc is resolving a type string it does it by searching the match beginning from the context in which the type expression was found. So when a value 'isComplete' is being resolved, ECMADoc will begin by checking weather the current member has a member with that name. If no match is found it will look in the parent of that member and so on; expanding the search progressively to each member's parent until either a match is found, or there are no more parents to expand to.

A type expression can be specified either within a summary or description (see Linking to other types), or as a part of @param, @arguments, @returns, and @type tokens.

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